[fpmt] Update regarding Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s health 4 September 2011

De Roger Kunsang (FPMT)

SS Dalai Lama con Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Dear Friends,


Rinpoche continues to progress steadily here in Nepal. Rinpoche’s doctors have advised to now increase the medication for blood pressure which was started today. The blood pressure has been much better than prior to the stoke but now the doctors aim to bring it 130/80 range.


Rinpoche’s sugar levels have also been much better and we will continue with Rinpoche taking insulin but the type of insulin is changing in order to have better control.


Movement of the right leg and right arm is a little better. The speech also is getting a little better.


Rinpoche is continuing the chanting of Chod in particular (also other prayers out loud)  for exercising the speech. Depending on the weather … we get a lot of rain , Rinpoche does kora 3 or 4 times a week around Bouddhanath  and Swayambunath stupa (alternating). Sometimes it’s in the rain. Swayambunath kora at the base  is 3 kms. Rinpoche walks the whole way. At Bouddhanath  Rinpoche does 4 circumambulations walking and then another 6 in the wheel chair. This is one exercise Rinpoche really enjoys. We usually do it late at night, no one else is around so it is really a nice and peaceful time. If we get to the stupa early enough we go to «Flavors» for tea , great «little» place where some of the waiters and waitresses are small people … not more than 3 feet high.


Sincere thanks  to everyone for all your support in so many ways.





Our problem is that inside us there’s a mind going, «Impossible, impossible, impossible. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.» We have to banish that mind from this solar system. Anything is possible; everything is possible. Sometimes you feel that your dreams are impossible, but they’re not. Human beings have great potential; they can do anything. The power of the mind is incredible, limitless.

~~ Lama Yeshe ~~

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