Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s health. May 3 2011


Dear Friends,

The weekend has been quiet, tomorrow  morning Rinpoche will have his first therapy session in the whirl pool. Doctors say Rinpoche’s progress is very good with his right leg. The right arm has still little movement … they say the arm is always slower than the leg. The main concern for the doctors is the control of the blood pressure and sugar levels. This they say must be under strict control … otherwise the danger  of another stroke.

Rinpoche is committed to staying in the rehabilitation ward of the hospital for several more days and the doctors are very happy with this. This private hospital is working quite well for Rinpoche. The staff … nurses and doctors are very good and always willing to take time to discuss Rinpoche’s situation and future, it is the same with the nurses.

Rinpoche’s food is cooked at the monastery and gets delivered 3 times a day … as well we take the hospital food which is quite ok and integrate it.

Rinpoche can stand on his own for short period of time… but you have to be there in case he loses his balance … tonight he stood alone in one spot for several minutes and did a short walk (assisted) … which was pretty good … but then had to lay down and rest … fatigue happens quickly.

Its Monday morning and Rinpoche just finished his first time in the  pool for hydro therapy, Rinpoche said it was «pleasant». It looked like Rinpoche enjoyed it … went on for about 40 mins.










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