April 27 – Update on Rinpoche’s health‏

Por Claire Isitt (FPMT Internacional)

Dear Friends,

Today was the first day we could have access to key medical staff due to the Easter holidays.

The doctors have said no visitors for sometime as Rinpoche is exhausted and with the physio it is going to be very tiring for him.

Here in the private hospital now we have 2 doctors looking after Rinpoche and a good team of physiotherapists. Plus great support  from the retreaters doing lots of prayers and pujas; Atisha Center and Thubten Shedrup Ling Monastery are always helping out.

The doctors  say Rinpoche has a good  chance of  recovering with intensive therapy over the next several months … maybe not fully recover … that is still too hard to say, but they are  feeling quite positive after today’s tests.

In the next  2 weeks the doctors say they will have a better idea of the longer term outlook. The doctors do want Rinpoche to stay in the rehabilitation ward of the hospital for the next 2 weeks. Their biggest concern apart from the therapy is controlling the sugar levels and blood pressure … if this doesn’t happen  they are very concerned Rinpoche will have another  stroke and this could be far more  serious … although they say this was a serious one.

Khadro-la in Dharamsala is very eager to come to Australia to help  Rinpoche using her own unique methods … we are trying hard to get her here as soon as possible. Khadro-la has been on the phone every day giving advice and organizing pujas for Rinpoche.

All of Rinpoche’s Gurus, many High Lamas and so many students have been doing prayers and pujas … This is deeply, deeply appreciated, THANK YOU.

Rinpoche seems in very good spirits, laughing and joking a lot and entertaining the staff with short little comments on Dharma  (that need to be translated), but tiring easily.


For official updates regarding Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s health: http://www.fpmt.org/teachers/zopa/rinpoches-health-updates-and-practices.html

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