Aviso urgente, prácticas para la salud de Lama Zopa Rinpoche


Dear Friends,

Lama Zopa Rinpoche entered hospital on Saturday 23rd April, now is the second day under observation. Yesterdays cat scan showed no bleeding or clot in the brain. There will be another scan to confirm that. Possibly Rinpoche will be able to leave the hospital tomorrow if doctors say ok.
Rinpoche’s right arm and leg have lost some use, speech is slurred making it difficult to understand him, but this part got a little better today.
Doctors say Rinpoche will need intensive therapy for His right side and speech … Hopefully to regain all or most use back. This can take several months but difficult to say.
Rinpoche’s tour in Australia and Indonesia as well as his return to Nepal will have to be cancelled.
This is the advice for practices that can be done, as advised by Khadro la and Choden Rinpoche:

1. Medicine Buddha puja … with extensive offerings.

2. 4 Mandala offering to Tara … as many as possible.

3. Most Secret Hayagriva mantra with below prayer as much as possible:

Supplication to the Deity Hayagriva:

Your pure triple faces are adorned with skull ornaments of five Buddha families

Six limbs are holding weapons in the mudra of accomplishing siddhis

In the aspect of great bliss with highly raised dignified horse head

I pay supplication to you the holy and powerful deity


Nam thar zhal sum rik ngaye tho pei gyen

yan lak druk chak ngo drub tson cha zin

de chen namrol Ta go thon poi zi

dampa wang ghi lha la sol wa deb


With deep gratitude for all your support,


Our problem is that inside us there’s a mind going, “Impossible, impossible, impossible. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.” We have to banish that mind from this solar system. Anything is possible; everything is possible. Sometimes you feel that your dreams are impossible, but they’re not. Human beings have great potential; they can do anything. The power of the mind is incredible, limitless.

~~ Lama Yeshe ~~



Dear Friends,

Lama Zopa Rinpoche has been admitted to hospital, the medical staff have confirmed that Rinpoche has had a stroke and temporally lost some of the movement of his right side and his speech is impaired.

The hospital have requested that Rinpoche stay for a few days to observe and monitor him to ensure there are no further complications.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been informed of Rinpoche’s situation and high Lamas close to Rinpoche are doing pujas as well as Kopan Monastery.

Apart from Rinpoche’s right side and speech being affected, Rinpoche seems in good humor and is doing his prayers in the hospital (altar is set up with prayer wheel, thanka and texts)

Regarding practices – at this time the main practice is Medicine Buddha puja and to recite the mantras of the Long Life Deities such as White Tara and Amitayus.

Specifically I am requesting if Centers could organize extensive Medicine Buddha pujas or Medicine Buddha practice with many offerings and to do strong prayers for Rinpoche’s health and long life at this time.





Compartido por Moya Mendez  (FPMT México)

Mensaje Importante de Ven Roger Kunsang:  Oraciones y Pràcticas para la salud de Rinpoche

Queridos Amigos

El día de ayer recibí un consejo importante de Khadro-la que tenemos que hacer puja de Buda de la Medicina y recitar el mantra de uno de los deidades de Larga Vida, por ejemplo Tara Blanca y Amitayus, para la salud y larga vida de Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

En específico pido que los centros organicen pujas extensivas de Buda de la Medicina o práctica de Buda de la Medicina con muchos ofrecimientos y hacer fuertes oraciones para la salud y larga vida de Rinpoche.

Gracias a todos por su comprension, ayuda y apoyo, es muy importante hacerlo ahora.




Hola a todos

Les informamos que nuestro querido Director Espiritual Kyabje Lama Thubten Zopa Rimpoché a manifestado una embolia, como resultado de esto se encuentra paralizado del lado derecho y no puede hablar. Aún con esto Rimpoché está de buen humor y realiza oraciones en el hospital.
Nos unimos  a las oraciones y practicas que se estan llevando a cabo para su salud en diversas partes del mundo como el Monasterio de Kopán.
Las practicas que nos recomiendan son principalmente la Puja del Buda de  la Medicina, así como recitar mantras a deidades de larga vida como Tara Blanca y Amitayus.
En Centro Khamlungpa el dia de hoy sabado realizaremos una Puja del Buda de la Medicina a las 20:00hrs
En los últimos meses Rimpoché nos ha exhortado a practicar, unámonos todos para seguir las instrucciones de nuestro Guru, la mejor ofrenda que podemos dar a nuestros Maestros es nuestra práctica.
Es importante realizar múltiples ofrendas.
Te esperamos.
También pueden recitar mantras dedicándolos
para su pronta recuperación…
Les paso unos links de Youtube:
MANTRA del Buda de la Medicina
Cantando por Lama Zopa:


Por Imee Ooi:


Lama Zopa Rinpoche long life puja in Kopan


2009 Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Dagri Rinpoche and Khadro la visit Tsopema in India


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