Happy Birthday Relic Tour!

From Maitreya Project, here is the latest update from the Relic Tour.  We hope you enjoy it!


Dear Friends,

On 14 March 2011, the Relic Tour turned 10 years old. The Tour began in Taipei a decade ago, and today – 58 countries, 571 events and 6 continents later – it continues to bring blessings and inspiration to people all over the world.

We are celebrating with recent news, stories and images from around the world.

Seeds of Peace in Vienna

During March in Vienna, Austria, the host organizers arranged for 5,000 donated packets of seeds to be blessed by the Relics. The seeds were then offered to visitors. The organizers explained, «These ‘seeds of peace’ were given to people from Indonesia, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, USA, Austria, as well as to the ambassadors of Taiwan and Thailand.» It is inspiring to think that plants grown from those blessed seeds are flowering around the world.


Ambassador views Relics in Vienna                  Official receives blessing in
                                                                                           Beausoleil, France


Although the Relic event in Beausoleil, France, near Monaco, attracted a star-studded crowd, organiser Vera Hodge later said, «I knew all along that it was for a good cause, working to benefit others, but it was only at the time of the event that I really «got’ it and realized the deep commonality of all people. Ultimately, there are no boundaries.»

Switzerland and Portugal

At the Zurich, Switzerland event there was a warm Tibetan-style welcome, with traditional Tibetan music.

In Madeira, the President attended at the opening ceremony and spent a long time looking at the Relics.

In Lisbon, Portugal the opening ceremony was a multi-interfaith event with representatives from the Catholic, Hindu, Islam and Buddhists faiths.


Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica

image Press conference in Cancun, Mexico

In Costa Rica, media coverage, such as Ven Begona’s TV interview (in Spanish):

http://www.teletica.com/noticia-detalle.php?id=89960&idp=1, resulted in more than 3,500 visitors coming to the event.

Similarly, in Cancun, Mexico, a press conference with Relic Tour Custodians and event organizers brought many visitors to the event.

In Guatemala, the event’s organizer Ana Lorena was asked to establish a Buddhist study group as a result of the inspiration caused by the visit of the Relics.

All Creatures Great and Small


Andy Melnic, Australia Relic Tour Manager, said, «A visitor to the Melbourne Relic event, brought a dog who had been diagnosed with cancer. The visitor later said the dog had made a complete recovery after visiting the Relics.»

Many other animals continue to be blessed by the Relics – dogs, cats, mice, pigeons, snakes, turtles, lizards and many others. Please see the Gallery on our websitehttp://www.maitreyaproject.org/Relicgallery/main.php for more photos.

You can find more comments like these when you go to the Maitreya Project Heart Shrine Relic Tour Fan Page on Facebook. It’s a great place to share your experiences with the Relics.

«I went to the Relic Tour yesterday. I also received several blessings from the Buddha. I felt my body vibrating as they were placed upon me. I met many wonderful, inspiring people that have in turn, inspired me to cultivate a mind of loving-kindness… Thank you so much.» Gabriel Alejandro

«I have been to the Relic Tour twice; received blessings four times from the Buddha Stupa. My life changed so much after visiting the Relics in Redding, I just had to return. Hoping thousands more people have the opportunity to benefit from the Maitreya Project Relic Tour.» Priscilla Newcomb

«I have diabetes and kidney failure. I was on dialysis three times a week. Within a week of visiting the Relics my kidneys improved! I am no longer on dialysis. Words cannot express my gratitude.» Mr. Rajnikant Raithatha


During a recent Relic Tour event in Sedona, Arizona, a young boy sat with his mother tracing the Sanghata Sutra in gold ink. His mother felt he should not even attempt it as his hand might slip and make the page look messy. He calmly replied, «Mommy, I can’t even feel my hand, my ‘heart’ is writing!»

In Gainesville, Florida, organiser Bob Todd shared this story, «One man came with crutches; he told me he had a degenerative nerve disease and has been in constant pain for over 15 years. That day, he was blessed with the Relics of the Buddha. The next day he came back and walked up to the team in bare feet, without the use of his crutches.»

In Basel, the Relics were displayed in a beautiful Church. One of the organizers, Venerable Thich Hue An, said, «We made prayers and lit candles for the people in Japan and northern Africa. This created some deeply touching moments.»image

To see more images from these and many other recent events in The Americas, Europe and Asia, please visit the Relic Tour Gallery.

For information about upcoming Relic Tour events please visit the Relic Tour Calendar.

Please visit www.maitreyaproject.org

Maitreya Project is a project pending affiliation with FPMT


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